Art —Direction


Secondary applications —
Collateral and signage

Bay Cannon Beer Company
— Brand Identity System

Florida Brewery

Bay Cannon approached me to build an identity for their brewery.
The brand needed to convey their roots in the Bay Cannon area, Florida and source inspiration from the existing prefered textures and elements with the goal to have an identity that feels familiar, established and friendly.

I set to build a robust and approachable logo that communicated their heritage and style as well as creating their entire visual idetity system.

Digital primary applications — Hero logo and crest are the primary logos. The main logo has various capabilities to stay flexible on web and print while the crest is reserved for horizontal layouts and collateral support.

BCBC seal use in Merch


Textures & Moods
I informed the visual identity around the brewery’s textures, surfaces, and materials.Function and design were top of mind when creating the logo and collateral to create a symbiosis with the physical space and the digital spaces. 

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