Art —Direction

Hi there!

I'm Ricardo Burneo, a seasoned Senior Art Director with a solid decade of industry experience under my belt. I've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptionally skilled professionals on a diverse array of projects, spanning a diverse spectrum of work on various media.

These projects have encompassed everything from remote and on-site shoots, to high-profile events such as the Super Bowl to day to day content. My expertise and experience extends across other mediums including television, social media, print, and noteworthy partnerships with the NBA, NFL, MLS and FIFA. I've excelled in B2B collaborations, product photography, studio photography, experiential projects, and above-the-line initiatives.

The thrill of discovery never gets old. Every project is a chance to dive in, find its potential, and witness great work take shape.

I’m originally from Peru and have always had a passion for creating, and that has and continues to push me forward to improve my craft and the work I do.
Tools of choice

  1. Pencil & Paper
  2. Ps and Ai
  3. A.i
  4. Pilot Falcon Ink Pen
  5. Books
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