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— Kings of Leon

Seventh Album


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Billboard: No. 1 Album on the Billboard 200 chart


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Kings of Leon is a grammy-winning, platinum-selling rock band started by three brothers and their cousin in Nashville, Tennessee.

I was fortunate to be inviolved in the album creative direction, digital content, and style of their 7th studio album from begging to end including but not limited to print, social, collateral, experiencial and more.

The trilogy

To create enthusiam for the music videos, we broke down the album into three main stories, each as a stand alone but with an added surprised one that KOL fans would love. 
The future films were made a trilogy that told a larger narrative when placed together, with a compelling plot for the delight of current and new fans.

Artwork and album direction

I worked closely with my CD and CW to shape and create a distinct style that would differentiate album #7 from the previews installments. We wanted an album that was eclectic and energetic. We tried to harness the synergy of abstraction, provocative and exciting, art and artists for our inspiration, with a sense of freshness for all the art and collateral.
I also worked closely with photographer Jimmy Marble to direct, retouch and edit all the images, as well with animators to reuse the content in social and other media, along with being responsible for all the photos for press release.

The Single

W.A.L.L.S ( We are like love songs) was our single. A sincere and deep song that required an equal level of focus and dedication when it came to the vision of the video, and wanted Caleb’s voice and depth to  be center stage to bring the song home.Prep on most music videos is limited and usually revolves around tech scouts and logistics.  Prep on “Walls” was more concept driven overall than anything else.  We knew we wanted to start in as wide of
a shot as possible showing as much of the set and studio as we could.  
We also knew from that shot we were going to move the camera into a close up and then “extract” Caleb from the set and into the real world.  Some of this is easier said than done.  Initially we discussed using a techno crane or a cable cam rig, however, the shot become more involved and needed something more flexible with a longer “travel” capability.

Here are some preliminary sketches I made before moving the direction into rendering software.
Wide shot, medium, and close-up.

Album Art & Collaterals

We had fun with the album cover. We wanted something you’d like to hang on a; it also needed to fulfill a set of criteria — like it needed to look original and different while highlighting all of the KOL band members. . 
So we thought of this approach where KOL were dolls in a rather weird but approachable way. We reached out to an excellent miniature artist who recreated all tmembers' faces for the album cover.


I had the opportunity to edit and shoot BTS for the band and work with my team to use the content in exciting and engaging ways. Like unlocking hidden futures if you follow a secret link or be the first one to get a direct message from Jared or Caleb.

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