Art —Direction


Benham’s Gin 
— Social and Website

The adventures of D. George Benham

The Benham’s Gin bottle was an excellent starting point to create the world of D. George Benham a Traveller. Philosopher. Diplomat. Man about town. Entrepreneur. Inventor. Distiller of knowledge, adventures, and a gin with as much character as the man himself.

I collaborated with a small team of graphics artist to create a 1:42 trt video about the origin story of D. George Benham.

My skills as a designer, animator and photographer were use heavily on this project. The fun didn’t ended there because our success lead to the client to request for us to create their website as well.

The video

I collaborated closely with the CD and designer to source the images and sketched the general direction of the story we were trying to tell. Then, we cut out a large number of pictures and arranged them into compositions for each section. We also used and source stock and archival videos that fit the look and feel.

The Website -> Link 

I teamed up with a small team composed of a web developer and a designer to build a responsive site that would hold the video's wonderous feel. My focus was on creating the layouts, composition, icons, and elements, including the animated and static ones. Later, I would hand over the assets in the order envisioned to the web designer, who would place it all in and create the parallax effect.

The Digital Poster

To emphasize the flavors and ingredients inside the wonderous Gin, I made rich texture posters that animate with Gorge in various perilous situations to find the right ingredients.

The Print & Collateral

To consistently bring forth the style and tone of the brand, I created post cards and banners to be printed and distributed with the gin. They retain the fun, whimsical feel and tone of our character, video, and website, helping to enlarge the world of Benham’s Gin.

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